For the past thirteen years, I’ve experienced the public school system from various angles. As a student, I’ve been in Albemarle County Public Schools from Kindergarten to High School. As an educator, I’ve mentored and taught middle school and elementary students. And as a policy advisor, I’ve brought valuable perspective that’s helped Albemarle County move closer towards a shared vision for our public schools: a school system that works for every student, teacher, employee, and family. Now it’s time for that perspective to take the shape of a seat on the school board. With your help, I can bring my experience to the table in a way that truly helps students and teachers, because I know what it’s like to stand in their shoes. In a county that’s bigger than ever, with more opportunities than ever, let’s have a voice on the school board that can speak from recent experience.

I need your help to make that voice heard.  My voice on the board would truly be an addition to the excellent standards that Albemarle County has prided itself on for years. Together, we can aspire to greater excellence, greater acheivment, and greater opportunities for everyone.

Please consider donating so that I can reach more voters in the Samuel Miller district and beyond.

Thank you.

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